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somebody to foster conditions for a healthy economy. >> really? your dollar will be worth just as much tomorrow as it is today. >> the dollar lost 96% of its value. >> he said housing prices wouldn't crash. >> pretty unlikely possibility. never declined house prices on an admission wise basis. >> he said, they're not printing money. but they do. now she's going to be in charge. >> it is definitely one of the most important economic decisions i will make. >> it is one of the most important jobs in the world but the people don't know what it is. >> the fed, i don't know. >> the fed is small group of old white people who get to spend trillions of your dollars in secret. >> no secret of our government officials should spend money out of thin air. >> are you fed up with the feds? that's our show, tonight. >> i've done hundreds of tv shows. but there's one topic i've always avoided. the fed. i know it's important. more important than most stuff i cover but it is just so complex and dreary. people in charge even work at being dull. alan greenspan calls it fed speak, said he tried to be obscur
the government to handle one- sixth of the economy when there is this type of staggering incompetence on the roll out. >> the problem that marsha blackburn wondering about the affect on the economy the longer it goes on. good day to you, melissa. how much does it hurt if we go over months of this and young people just simply refuse to sign up? >> it hurts a lot. this is one of the key groups that will have to pay for the plan. they are young healthy young people and go on and buy insurance and pay in and get nothing out. they are thought, they don't need insurance now and health care. so we need those people to sign up to pay for the rest. they are people in the 20s and 30s who are used to going on the iphone and purchasing something on amazon in a click of a finger. you heard people trying 20 different times and not able to enroll and someone created an account in the first day and hasn't been able to log back in. they are likely to sit on the sidelines as long as they possibly can and either pay the fine or not sign up. >> we hear it all of the time. young people have to buy n. if they don't bu
the burns. just one pepcid® complete works fast and lasts. >>> it could take until march for the economy to fully recover from the effects of the 16-day government shutdown. in a new "usa today" survey of top economists, 63% say the repeated budget battles over the past few years have hurt the economy some or a lot. one economist says, quote, we're falling down a fiscal flight of stairs and we're bouncing from one step to the next, one crisis to the next. it's been estimated the shutdown cost the u.s. economy $24 billion, but at least taxpayers will get some of that back. the labor department says federal workers who collected unemployment benefits will have to give the money back since they will be getting paid retroactively. >>> let me bring in editor in chief "the economist" john micklethwait. more than half of the economists are less optimistic about growth prospects than they were three months ago. could it take until march to get over the effects we felt from this? >> i think it can. i was one of those people who were skeptical about that and thought it was just a political crisis.
the u.s. economy is slowing down a bit. the fed announced yesterday it's pressing ahead with its stimulus campaign. includes low interest rates. i guess my micro phone went out. central bank says it will continue helping the economy because of weak signs in the housing and labor markets. on the positive side, u.s. deficit for the 2013 budget year, how about this, falling to $680 billion, that is a five year low. breaking news overnight in sear gentleman. an if i recall with the chemical weapons -- has met the deadline to destroy -- for tomorrow. and this comes as health officials racing this morning to stop a polio outbreak inflicting yet more damage amid the country's civil war. world health organization is confirming ten cases all in children under the age of four. there are 20 additional suspected cases. the outbreak is in two villages close to the border with iraq. hospitals there are in ruins as you might imagine and without power or proper medicine. another likely factor in the outbreaks is the lack of sanitation. health officials say about half of syria's children have bee
government that push our economy and our society forward. a country's national security, any country's national security is more dependent on the strength of its economy, and on the strength of its society than anything else. i think there's for some reason that i don't understand, john, there's been a change from a willingness of the two parties to work together to get things done to today, two parties at each other's throat. >> former cia deputy director mike morrell says the biggest threat he sees to the u.s. is washington dysfunction. that's big from a guy that was with president bush during the 9/11 attacks and citing american greed as our number one problem, outfacing our economy. what do they actually want? francis wilkinson a member of bloomberg editorial board and lays it out in his recent column, i couldn't agree with you more. when you look at governors -- republican governors specifically and getting things done, chris christie, kasic or martinez, you can name a few that are in states that president obama won, but they have high approval ratings and they know what it mean
of american life. healthcare and the economy being the top two. thus, the end justifies the means in trying to do that. thus, mr. obama keeps saying you can keep your old insurance plan if you like it. even though you can't. ifyour plan doesn't include the federal mandates that are being imposed. now, talking points and many others have pointed that out again and again. we pointed out that obama care will cause many americans, perhaps most, major inconvenience and higher healthcare expense. rarely does the president mention higher deductibles and co-pays for his health program. even though mr. obama's propaganda has been exposed, he doesn't seem to care. instead of being chastened he is emboldened, why? because the president believes that his vision for america, including healthcare for all, is more noble than any truthful statement. and so he justifies his actions, even if deceit is involved. that was clear yesterday when the president said. this. toted the affordable care act requires insurance companies to abide by some the strongest consumer protections this country has ever known. a tr
has tried to develop a working relationship on issues like terrorism, the global economy and now she is very upset and probably rightly so about the revelations that the u.s. has been tapping her cell phone now as far back as 2002 in the bush administration and the question is whether the president was ever briefed about this. if not, why not? why didn't he end it earlier? but the white house saying the president didn't know about it until recently and they stopped it. they're going to send a delegation here to get to the bottom of it. >> let's talk about what's happening here in washington. not everyone is angry about this. we have republican sasing these countries should be thankful. we heard from peter king earlier on meet the press saying the president should stop apologizing for these wiretaps. >> that's interesting. usually it goes along partisan lines. democrats say this does not fit the obama brand and what obama promised but republicans are saying this is part of national security. and the white house struck an interesting tone too. the president said we're going to try to r
know what's best. for example, we know we got to have a green economy. oils and fuels are the past he says, versus the fuel of the present everybody is using it. but we know that we have to get off all this stuff and create a new economy, which i have in my head and the experts have approved. and that's i think why obama care's going to collapse on its own. >> kirsten, speaking of noted liberals, elizabeth warren had this to say about the website problems. "getting people in and crucial. i know that's why it's so deeply upsetting that the government just dropped the ball on getting the website launched, but the answer is double down and get it fixed." a lot of focus here on the website, but today indicates that the substance could be a big problem. >> yeah. i think it is a problem when you have the president saying you can keep your plan if you like it. if he had said you can sort of keep your plan for double the cost, i don't think that very many people would have been excited about this. you need to actually tell people what you're going to do. grant it it is a minority. 14 million
it in perspective. this is the same team that closed the government for 16 days, that cost the economy, by some economist measures, $24 billion. this was a self-inflicted wound. so they put this pain on the public and then they're causing more pain by not continuing the recovery money, the $5 billion, that is so desperately needed. this past week, i went to two of the centers in the district that i represent, and when you see the faces of the children and the adults, many people are working, but they're on minimum wage. they need this supplement for their families. many of them are looking for jobs. economists tell us, for every job opening, there are three people waiting in line, and one in seven people in america are on food stamps. and to me it's unconscionable that the most prosperous country in history is getting food lines that are going to be longer and longer. and this is on top of, to put it in perspective, the sequestration, which is across the board cuts, and on top of the conference committee now that is looking at a $40 billion cut versus a $4 billion cut. so it's very serious and
the kinds of legislation that when they've passed in the past have grown the economy and gotten people back to work. we want to make it easier for employers to keep people employed. we want to make it easier for employers to invest in their businesses, to invest in their employees and to hire people back to work. >> so, stimulus, yes! a stimulus would surely put people back to work and fix this recession. we need a stimulus, so said paul ryan in 2002 when his party controlled the white house. but when president obama thought maybe a stimulus would be a good idea, because we were facing the worst downturn since the great depression, somebody had changed paul ryan's channel. >> we can do better than this. this bill, this economic stimulus package is unworthy of our new president's signature. this is just a long spending wish list from every spending interest group that's out there. if you're going to go out and borrow $825,000 -- >> so, recraft it for me, congressman ryan. recraft it. >> this is not going to work, and that's the concern. >> this stimulus thing is not going to work. who would
that we need to do because we know they are a drag on the economy right now. for example, these very deep and immediate cuts called the sequester are actually going to result in a loss of 800,000 jobs by this time next year. that's the independent congressional budget office. there's a better way to achieve deficit reduction without hurting jobs in the economy and i hope we'll work together to get that done. >> thank you for your time. let me bring in april ryan and washington bureau chief for american radio networks and former health insurance industry whistle blower, wendell potter. and let me first read a statement, the white house is saying president obama has complete confidence in health and human services secretary sebelius after the health care rollout. jennifer, the hill is reporting that behind the scenes obviously the president is sieging, not happy but he is giving kathleen sebelius the room and time needed to make the repairs and it is her responsibility there. >> that's right. she took full responsibility at the hearing today and said this is my fault, i'm going to fix it. w
apologized for not wrecking the world economy. they voted to say that they wish they had wrecked it. these are the people that harry reid works with on a daily basis, my exclusive interview with harry reid is coming up next. plus, i need to tell you that senator rand paul has responded, kind iof, on our recent reportig of rand paul plagiarizing some of his speeches. that is coming up. [ rob ] our daughter is all kate. same grin, same walk. and the same beautiful hair. [ female announcer ] nice 'n easy. in one step get expert highlights and lowlights. for color they may just think you were born with. [ rob ] i'm a lucky guy. [ female announcer ] with nice 'n easy, get the most natural shade of you. wears off. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at the end of trial and error has arrived. at a ford dealer with a little q and a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 maj
-high unemployment in southern new jersey, the economy is in shambles. we supposedly have a ten-term congressman, who's essentially not doing the job. what makes matters worse is that he's talking bipartisanship, but he's not acting like it. and behind the scenes, he's following the tea partyers. he's acting irresponsibly. and that's the reason that i decided to run. simply because, we're hurting in south jersey, because of his decisions in washington. and people are sick and tired of the political games, and, you know, it's time for a change. >> was he part of the tea party movement, or is he simply a fellow traveler? what would you call him? he seems like one of those people around philadelphia that i know, that they say they're not part of the tea party. every once in a while they vote in a different way, but it seems lake they're still with them on who the leaders are. if they go with the tea party people, they always go with it. >> you know what, you know, frac lobondy exercises a convenient bipartisanship. and by that, he votes his district when it won't hurt the republican party. he says he's
concerns about the economy and budget fight in washington. speaking of the fed, senator rand paul has told majority leader harry reid he plans to hold up january he yellen's nomination to be fed chairman. he wants the senate to consider a bill to increase the transparency of the fed. and we could be facing a wine shortage in the coming years. morgan stanley cites decreasing production and demand stays pretty constant. >> terrible. thanks so much. >>> holiday a-listers are lining up to give mitch mcconnell a heave-ho. [ female announcer ] you tweeted, posted and cheered about yoplait's fall favorites. so we brought pumpkin pie and apple crisp back for a limited time. see? you really do call the shots. ♪ yoplait. it is so good. he was a matted messiley in a small cage. ng day. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed a
ever had. there is a forboding feeling about the economy. more americans believe things will get worse than believe things will get better. 23% over the next 12 months. that sense of despair is true about the american democracy. optimism and the u.s. system of government. it's at 30%, the lowest point in nearly 40 years. this is not a conventional one party is up and is down situation. the question is what happens when everybody is down. the last time we had a situation like this was 1992 and it produced a crazy election cycle. we saw a rise of inside and empty candidates like ross perot. the majority said they belonged to neither party. this is why you don't weight polls by party id. you want to see the shifts. only third time in the history of the poll that a majority didn't identify with a party. 32% would prefer an independent party for congress than a democrat or a republican. that's more than 28% that said they wanted to vote for a generic republican candidate. it's clear all will have explaining to do. they had high hopes for the president and 52% job rating was near an all time
, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >>> welcome back. it could be one of the e.p.a.'s most dramatic power grabs ever, enforcing a federal regulation to gain control of nearly all the water in america. is this government bureaucracy out of control? let's talk to fox news contributor jeanine. good morning to you. how are you? >> fine. how are you? >> fine. i'm a little disturbed when people learn of this. clean water act, sounds great. we want to turn on the tap and have clean water coming out. now the e.p.a. is grabbing a part of our water we didn't know they had their mitts in. >> this is what government does. government overreach. it is a power grab. but what the e.p.a. is doing is they're being the judge, jury and executioner because they're writing the laws for the clean water act. and the clean water act is so broad, vague and confusing that the e.p.a. is stepping in to try to impose regulations on bodies of waters like wetlands that don't connect to bigger bodies of water or streams that don't run all year round. it is a power grab. >> as we
spending. >> this debt, it weighs on our economy today. we're not doing much about it. >> our country is on an unsustainable fiscal course. >> we have had record deficits. >> record deficits for the past five years? the senator conveniently left out some major information. under president obama, deficits have gone down five straight years. the fastest drop since world war ii. down $409 billion since 2012. republicans are quiet about that, but they're still making stuff up about health care. >> what i want is the finest possible health care for america that we can have. we did have fabulous health care, and i think we can again. >> almost 50 million americans lacked coverage before obama care. and it was fabulous? when you're desperate for the president to fail, you really will do and say anything. well, we're not going to fall for it or let them get away with it. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott democrat from washington and msnbc contributor goldie taylor. thank you to both of you for joining me. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> congressman, some republicans want to pre
party wanted to take over one sixth of the economy. >> medical devices, all kinds of crazy things, contraception. buy our own breast pump and birth control pill. >> this is just too good. >> it's not insurance. it's welfare. >> they're afraid of it being popular. >> all i ask of fox and everybody else to provide the content. >> you're taking away their choice. >> and i believe in choice. except obviously in marriage and reproductive rights. ♪ >>> it's been a week of setbacks, delays and partisan bickering and i am not talking about the outrage over the obama carolout but the judicial system. three major decisions this weekend. new york city, texas and latest in washington, d.c. first, right here in the big apple where judges from the 2nd circuit put to a stop to the decision issued in august that would have forced changes to the city's stop and frisk program. the reason? not the substance but the role of the judge who, quote, ran afoul of the code of conduct by compromising the quote appearance of impartiality surrounding the litigation. so in other words, let's not go after the
of benefits, that can have a $10 billion effect on the u.s. economy. so real concerns there about what those benefit cuts mean across the united states. elsewhere, a bit of good news for people who have been reluctant up until now to put money toward flexible spending arguments for health care. basically use it or lose it was the old mantra. now it seems the irs and treasury saying you might be able to carry forward 500 bucks of those monies which means you can use them in the next year for things such as over the counter drug which is may mean a the lot of special income and lower income workers are more apt to use those savings for health care benefits. >> will quickly on the cable wars, time warner is losing customers, but the phone companies are doing very well. just give us an update on who is winning the battle. >> verizon and at&t have been long term rivals. they have been investing heavily in all independeull kinds of vi products on to the consumers. now they're getting really big subscriber growth against comcast and time warner. so they have been getting big increases in subscriber
economies and environments. it's not what you think. that is the scenario playing out right now in america's largest city. senior correspondent eric shaun has the story from new york. >> he is likely to become new york city's next mayor. democrat bill de blasio, the city advocate who promises to bring a new liberal era to city hall. >> thank you for being willing to fight to change new york city and take us in a new progressive direction. >> de blasio leads joe loeta by as much as 45 points. he's struck a chord with his promise to end the controversial police tactic known as stop and frisk. he believes that unfairly targets minorities. >> bill de blasio voted to take over 5,000 cops off our streets. >> but loada, a former deputy mayor under rudy giuliani has hammered away at the issue. he says stop and frisk makes the city safer. >> police departments in new york city has been one step ahead of the criminal element in the city. that's how they've been able to reduce crime. and that's what we need to continue to do. >> de blasio also wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund school progra
's famous malaise speech that blamed the horrible economy on americans' crisis of confidence. >> they liked it. they published it. and i got lucky again. it was republished on the op-ed page of "the washington post." first time any article of "the new republic" was picked up from "the post." >> he kroet a few more pieces for the magazine and might have joined the staff. except he got apeven more intriguing offer. as a speech writer for vice president mondale. >> that lasted six months and when we got totally crushed in the general election, i got a call from the new republic and they said we think you're unemployed. would you like to work for us? i said yes right away. i started on the day reagan was sworn in, that's the day i started as a writer. >> so help me god. >> the new president was promising big changes. even starting a world anew. reagan's inaugural truly signaled a great clash of ideas. >> in this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem. >> and the new republic was right in the midst of it. >> well, it was overwhelmingly liberal. t
the tennis court, a president who really talking about put on a sweater instead of deal with the economy, reagan is the guy who can't remember and has to have postcards. this could be this president's marker. >> the do on ofus analogy is not one i was expecting. >> i didn't say doo on fus. he did. >> people out there say the press is still in love with president obama. do you agree. >> i completely agree. go back to may of 2013 when the department of justice started the surveillance program. you know, they attacked fox news's james rosen and they said he could have been a criminal coconspirator, 20 reporters at the ap had their e-mails and their private phone records read. >> so you're saying this is stemming towards resentment towards the attack on the president? >> no, i don't think so it's just resentment. i think what's happening is that he is -- it turned the tenor of the media and it turned the tenor of the coverage. because all of a sudden, the president is attacking the media. but he says he doesn't know that he was attacked. >> that was a key moment, but i also think sort of if
and on and on. but president obama can't be blamed for an economy that's killing the middle class or broken promises of taxes going up for people making under $250,000 a year. or not be k able to keep your health plan or doctor. it's so bad that even our friends are spitting mad at us. it turns out it's not his fault. because he didn't know anything about it. any of it. >> it's not really something i followed closely but we don't know -- i'm not familiar with this notion. >> he indicated that he was not aware of what was happening. certainly i was not. >> i don't know what you're referring to. >> nobody understood exactly what was taking place. >>e don't have any independent knowledge of that. >> i first learned about it from the same news reports that most people learned about it. >> it's a good thing that a newspaper gets delivered to the white house or president obama would not have a clue about "fast and furious," benghazi, the justice department, trampling the first amendment rights of james rosen, the fact that under the not so affordable care act, more americans have lost health care
in the double digits between 2008 and 2012 among black men in part because of the economy. and that's what shaquille o'neal touted in his endorsement of christie. i think this is something the democrats have to worry about, whether clinton is on the ballot or not. >> if we do look at clinton being on the ballot or not, there is an achilles heel when it comes to benghazi. senator lindsey graham said republicans were going to double down on their efforts to get to the bottom of what happened there, thinking that they haven't asked enough questions and they don't have enough answers publicly. he specifically mentioned secretary clinton. take a listen. >> and where was hillary clinton during all these multiple requests for security? you could see this attack a long time in the making, according to the people on the ground in libya. why couldn't you see it in washington? and who the hell told susan rice this story about a protest gone bad? >> so it seems that benghazi and that being a strength for republicans going after hillary clinton will remain a strength all the way through 2016. >> it's a
the government, hurting kentucky's economy. mitch mcconnell can't light the house on fire then claim credit for putting it out. >> a recent poll by democratic-leaning public policy polling shows a tight race with his opponent ahead of senator mitch mcconnell. mcconnell must faced matt bevens in a may 20th primary. joining me howard fineman, and josh barrow for business insider. howard, senior kentucky correspondent. >> thank you, a title i am honored to have. >> more experience there than any one else in the building. this is a cross wind that mcconnell is caught in here. >> yeah, it really is. matt bevin who i saw down in kentucky at fancy farms, the big political speeching contest down in the summer there. is, is, is not a bad candidate. he is learning fast. just as important he has got big money behind him. that very sophisticated ad that you showed attacking mitch mcconnell from the right. has got 330,000 dollars behind it in an ad buy. not something just saying throwing up on you tube. on television across the state is my understanding. mitch mcconnell has got to deal with that. most p
. and just fry to cobble together a small package. stop hurting the economy as much as they have been doing. so, by recent standard this would be real progress. >> what would be the elements of the deal, jonathan, as you see it? >> well, what people are just question is that president obama had about $200 billion in his budget of cuts to what he called entitlement, not medicare, medicaid, not social security. things like farm subsidies. federal pension reform. postal, this, and you know sort of user fees, transportation fees. sort of assorted change. and the cost of sequestration for a while. that's what people think they're going to do. obama will only offer up these cuts to medicare and social security if republicans give him more revenue. republicans would rather die than give them more revenue. that's sort of where we are, the lowest common denominator. >> that's the version of what they would call the grand bargain, one that would include more tax revenue and cuts to the big entitlements. >> right. >> paul ryan would cut off his left leg before he goes with it. he spent his last three
in the economy. that's above historical norms. eight million say they want a full-time job. the other 19 million claim they want to be part-time. some predict the b problem will spike when the law starts to penalize noncompliant employers. that won't happen until 2015 thanks to a decision by president obama who was pressed to delay the date by unions and by corporations. not only will some employers cut back on employee hours, some will will cancel their health care plans all together. opting to play the law as fined which can be a better bargain for a boss. >> we can't. it's too expensive. too much of a burden on it. it's frustrating. >> debbie and larry own a staffing agency in georgia. they now employ and insure 18 full-time workers. but the company manages hundreds of part-time staffers who do not have insurance. under obama care the couple must now insure all employees or pay a fine. they say it is cheaper just to pay the penalty which means their full-time employees are about to lose their insurance plan. >> essentially what they are going to do is lose coverage and have to go into the mar
of u.s. income than at any time since 1928. the people who are being hurt under the obama economy are young people, are hispanics, african-americans, single moms. those who are struggling to climb the economic ladder. those are the ones losing their health care. >> now, how is senator cruz who's getting his own health insurance from goldman sachs acting like a populist? i mean, how is this go to wash? >> it simply isn't going to fly. the people will see through it. he's saying that there are people who don't have health care and he starts crying. if those aren't crocodile tears, i don't know what are. this guy has no feeling for those people or he would have stopped his effort to destroy it and make it work. i talked to bill frist some months ago. he was a former leader of the republicans. he said, jim, we should stop trying to repeal it and fix it. make it work. but cruz has none of that in him at all. it's all crocodile tears. >> and there's this relentless attack of misinformation about the law by the right wing media. watch this. >> there's too much health insurance. it covers
the subject. now what he's going to do is he's going to emphasize the economy and immigration, maybe throw in minimum wage. but right now the last thing he wants to do is drive people to the affordable care act website because it's screwed up. >> again. saturday it was down. we're not sure how many mornings. >> it's down four hours a day now. >> for repairs intentionally which no one can get on. they need 7 million people by the march deadline to start funding it. but mitt romney, he actually had a lot to say about what the president could have done, meaning looking at massachusetts, seeing what the plan of massachusetts did. he noted that the president could have seen that people would actually be kicked off their insurance policies, that there was a lot to learn from the states having control including the biggest lesson of all, he said the president should learn to be honest. take a listen. >> obamacare barely made it through washington, as you know. there is no question in my mind that had the president been truthful and told the american people that millions would lose their insurance
have on american economy and productivity? >> it's hard to say. i would guess it will help contribute to all of the other obama administration policies that are creating essentially perpetual economic stagnation in this country. >> does it drive you crazy that the left, the ee bomb ma administration in particular, acts as if you ask any question about their global warming faith, that you are a denier, somehow immoral? isn't that the antithesis of science? >> yes. john kolter is essentially a fruitcake, the president's advisor. going back to the '70s every prediction he has made is been wrong. he's not a harmless fruitcake. he's been an advocate for population control. when you put people like this in charge and you're taking your advice from people like john holter who's a close ally of paul eryluite, you'll end up with dissass stros poastrous po planning. >>> next on the rundown, put down the smartphone. why switching back to your old-fashioned flip phone may be the key to lasting love and a happy family life. >>> and does your workout routine need a kick start? stick around. we have
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